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CNC Machining


Multi-axis / Turning / Milling The core capabilities of the Wayga Industry are high precision five axes milling, CNC turning, wire EDM and surface grinding. The dimensional accuracy of parts are all inspected and verified with our measuring facilities. Existing in a competitive environment has driven our development of knowledge and experience in milling, turning, EDM and grinding parts from a wide range of materials.                                                        
Wayga Industry provides close precision machined components for mechanical and molded products used in various industries. We have the technical capabilities and the experienced facilities to produce the most complex shapes. We take pride in supplying fast quotations.
Here is a short list of common materials used. If you have a special material need contact us!
Low/Medium Carbon Stainless Steel Brass Plastic
Alloy Steel Aluminum Copper  
Secondary Operations                                                              
Cutting CNC Milling Welding Powder Coat
Drilling Piercing Anodizing Brushing
Chamfering Bending Paint Polishing
Tapping Deburring Plating